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For performing bayesian IPM analyses the following function might be of use:

## A function that outer can use showing numbers from x to y via production, growth, survival and distribution offspring

.fecPostCensus <- function(x,y,cov=data.frame(covariate=1),fecObj, growObj,survObj) {
newd <- data.frame(cbind(cov,size=x), stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
newd$size2 <- x^2
newd$size3 <- x^3
if (length(grep("expsize",fecObj@offspringRel$formula))>0 | length(grep("expsize", growObj@fit$formula))>0) { newd$expsize <- exp(x)}
if (length(grep("logsize",fecObj@offspringRel$formula))>0 | length(grep("logsize", growObj@fit$formula))>0) { newd$logsize <- log(x)}
u <- .fecRaw(x=x,cov=cov,fecObj=fecObj)[[1]]* dnorm(y,predict(fecObj@offspringRel, newdata=newd, type="response"), fecObj@sdOffspringSize) * surv(size=x, cov=cov, survObj=survObj)

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